February 17, 2007

Studio Update!

The recording has been cut short. We set everything up, 'mixed' the mixing boards, and started writing songs. All this probably took an hour, with a lot of testing out every instrument. Then we played a little, and recorded a little to see how it sounded. It sounded like the whole thing was being recorded by a bad microphone in a basement. So we moved some cables etc. only to find out that Garage Band wasn't getting any of the inputs, except from the built in mic on Nimit's computer. After checking the software, we found that he didn't have a new enough OS. So forget recording. We played guitar and wrote some songs instead. Well, for ten minutes we did. Then there was a loud bang. The girl that lives downstairs was trying to break down our door. Apparently her mother is in town and they were both in bed and trying to sleep before we started playing. She threatened to call our landlord the next time we played after 9 PM. That pretty much killed our excitement for recording.

I did check our lease though. It says we can play from 8AM to 10PM. I'm not one to be mean to people, but I know that I don't feel creative until the evening or even into the night. That means the record needs to be recorded during the day when we have tons of stuff going on AND we don't feel like it. That sucks, but we'll deal. It's her home too.

I'll be sure to give her a few copies of the demo we cut. Maybe then we'll all be friends and she will play the tambourine on a track or two.


  1. So when can I get a copy of your CD?

  2. don't worry, they will be posted somewhere as soon as they are done. Nimit has been promoting music that doesn't yet exist.

  3. Seriously, who goes to bed at 9? Clearly total losers. Surely she ain't got no rhythm, so you might want to put her on sleighbells instead.