March 20, 2007

Anberlin hits Top 40!

Oh it is a good time for Anberlin Fans! Since the release of their newest album Cities, I have only heard good things about Anberlin. They have truly made their best album to date, and now they are getting the recognition they deserve. I picked up my copy of Rolling Stone magazine when I returned to Ames (from spring break) and flipped to the charts only to find that Anberlin made their premier appearance on the Top 40 Albums! Coming in at #19, Cities is their highest ranking album (Never Take Friendship Personal peaked at #144).

Although I am very excited for them, I also feel a little weary of the success. I don't want my (current) favorite band to "sell-out". I've seen too many bands do this already (Jars of Clay, John Mayer, Fall Out Boy). Luckily, a few of them redeem themselves, dispite a strong pop-esque deviation from their musical roots/influences I only hope Anberlin doesn't do this. They seem to be pretty grounded, but you never know.

With all the good things I have been hearing from friends, I have read a few good reviews too. Here is what Reuters/Billboard thought of the first single:

SINGLE: GODSPEED (Tooth & Nail Records)

Now that the airwaves are rife with pop-rock bands, the stage is set for Florida's Anberlin to make a dramatic entrance with upcoming album "Cities." Single "Godspeed," as its name suggests, is a fevered, headlong rush that glories in spiraling production and exhilarating chorus. Imagine spinning in delirious circles under a vast, clear sky, reveling in the dizzying velocity. The three-guitar attack of Joseph Milligan, Nathan Strayer and Stephen Christian, who handles vocals, flings you into a whirlwind, while drummer Nathan Young and bassist Deon Rexroat pound rhythm into the ground. We don't know whether to call it post-emo or turbo-charged pop rock, but no doubt, Anberlin is in the final countdown to stardom.
I've also started reading Stephen Christian's Blog right here on Blogspot! Oh yeah, he's the singer for Anberlin. You should know that already.

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