March 26, 2007

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Soul Gravy

Sounds like another country band doesn't it? Well, you are right. I learned about this band from (who else) my friend Linsey. She got their CD after seeing them open for Dierks Bentley. It wasn't until later that I began to appreciate country music, and this band.

Formed in Oklahoma in 1994, Cross Canadian Ragweed is a blend of genres that combines rock and country perfectly. Imagine a raw Keith Urban with distortion. The band's name comes from a combination of the surnames of the four original members of the band (Grady Cross, Cody Canada, Randy Ragsdale, Matt Wiedemann). After a few albums the boys made it to the top charts. In fact, their last two albums hit #37 and #51 on the Billboard Top 200 (albums) and #5 and #6 on the top Country Albums chart.

Their album Soul Gravy happens to be the only album of theirs that I have (I may have lost Garage), and I think it is really good. I've always liked that "I am who I am, deal with it" feeling of country, and the driving distortion of rock. This album combines them well. Look for the guitar solo in Again and a bass solo in Too Far Gone. Also, Sick & Tired is a great song about not forgetting about where you came from. I think my favorite might be the wishful Alabama where Cody sings:

She said maybe I miss your lovin’
Maybe I miss your kiss just a little bit
Maybe I miss your body lyin’ right next to mine
Maybe I miss your touch a little too much
Soul Gravy is great, but sometimes the unreleased stuff is the best. I can't find it legally, but I'm sure any P2P software can find a live copy of The Boys From Oklahoma. The entire song is about marijuana, and how different people smoke it. Now I'm not condoning drug use, but this song is pretty funny/good. It's a crowd favorite, and could be part of the reason why Cross Canadian Ragweed has toured with Willie Nelson.

If you like country OR rock music at all, check these guys out. Just because they are country doesn't mean they can't rock!

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