March 2, 2007


Sorry to all of those who read this blog. The usual Friday band article wont be posted today. Maybe tomorrow. I have a lot of homework to do before spring break. Plus my computer is on the fritz (more on that later). So I've been sitting here in the library, reading an Ethos and waiting...

I've been waiting for my computer. It has hit an all time low. My little Fujitsu Lifebook never liked running iTunes, but now it seems to hate it altogether. I've had problems with my CD drive not working, which seem to have gotten worse since I dropped my laptop last summer (I was not happy). So it makes sense when it takes me 3 hours to rip an album to my computer. But now I already have all the songs on my computer, they are just in .wav format. I bought a few songs on iTunes and thought I would add them to my iPod, but then I realized I had almost 7 CDs worth of songs waiting to be added too. It's been 45 minutes now and it's half-way through the fifth song. Fifty-five more to go!

I need a new computer.

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