March 24, 2007

Lessons Learned

So it's been a busy busy week. I've got so much stuff going on right now, its ridiculous. But I managed to do some work done yesterday, and I had time to go out wit the guys. We had a great time at Phuel, after a very brief stop at Cy's Roost/Lost and Found. I got to talk to Greg for a while, and I now understand him better. Assuming he makes it through this semester, I think the guy has a handle on life. I thought he was just kind of floating through school, but now I think he has a better plan that a lot of people I know.

Tonight was great too (besides ending in me studying). Anay and Nimit and I went out to "The 'Bee's" for dinner. After that we decided to go check up on my roommate. This semester I've been sharing my car with my too roommates. I happen to be slightly anal about taking care of my stuff, so I check up on my car all the time. But besides leaving very little gas in the tank and not locking the doors they have taken pretty good care of my car. I try to get them to lock the doors all the time (as well as our apartment door) but they are too lazy. They figure that no one is going to steal my car, ever. I think they should have more respect for other people's things. But anyway, we decided to check up on Josh who was at a movie a block away. We found the car in the second row of the parking lot, and for fun I decided to take my spare tire out of the trunk and put it in the driver's seat. But after I got the tire out, I noticed one of the doors was unlocked. I knew it would be. So instead of just messing with Josh, Nimit and I decided to teach him a lesson. In the back seat was his backpack which we later found out contained his laptop, keys to the apartment, notebooks etc. Turns out he also had a lab notebook that is his entire grade for a class, along with a friend's notebook! That means that two people would be either failing, or retaking an entire class if that disappeared. Later, while I was winning at Texas Hold 'Em for the first time in my life, Josh called me. He was freaking out. I could tell he was about to crap his pants. I let him tell me about it, and then I told him to check the apartment to make sure he didn't leave it there. Five minutes later he called he for the Ames P.D. phone number and we decided that was far enough, and told him. He was half relieved and half angry. I heard a loud sigh over the phone followed by "You guys are f*cking dicks". We deserved that. Nimit wanted to keep the bag for 36 hours, and let him call the police!

I think he learned his lesson, and now I feel a little better about them using my car. Everyone wins.

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  1. That was absolutely brilliant and made my weekend!! I look forward to seeing you guys son.