March 1, 2007

The RIAA Strikes Again

The RIAA is at it again. Personally I think they are a little crazy. Yes, they are doing their job, but suing teenagers is not a respectable business plan. Their newest deal is allowing the college students they sue to settle out of court, by paying with a credit card on a website! They claim it will be cheaper than going to court (probably true), but apparently some teens are fighting back. And winning! My good friend Ryan wrote about what he found on his site Cybernet News. Check out his article for even more on this story: RIAA Creates Website for College Students to Settle. (I got the picture from him, with his permission of course).

My Unorganized Thoughts: Sometimes I cannot stand the RIAA. They bring me good music (sometimes), but at a price. In the past (say 2000-ish) they attributed a drop in album sales to Peer-to-Peer downloading with programs like Napster. Personally, I think it was because CD prices were higher than ever (over twenty dollars an album?!), and generally bad music. Honestly, can you think of any good bands from that time? All I can remember is boy bands and pop princesses topping the charts. Luckily the record industry dropped prices and started pumping the airwaves with other kinds of music (enter Indy etc.).

Here's a comic from Toothpaste for Dinner. I think it resonates well with my thoughts, but in a much funnier way.

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