March 25, 2007

Studio Update?

Does anyone remember when I said Nimit and I were recording an album/demo tape? It was around a month ago. Anyway, due to bad planning, "noisy" neighbors, and computer problems nothing got done. In fact, not one piece of music got recorded.

But since then music has been flowing from our apartment. Nimit has been learning to play the drums thanks to the new Killers album Sams Town. He's actually progressing faster than I expected, although his technique leaves something to be desired. Nimit's electric guitar also graced us with it's presence last week, and I've been playing it ever since. I'm not amazing at the acoustic guitar, and apparently those "skills" don't allow me to play electric guitar. So I've got power chords nailed, and Nimit knows two drums beats. Perfect for a 3-chord garage band!

Today we put on the Killers album and I did my best to figure out the chords by ear while Nimit rocked the drums. After that though, we were able to jam for a half an hour, half on each instrument. It was very cool.

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