May 10, 2007

LOVE105 Is horrible! Bring back Drive!

I am home! And I have yet to really write much since I got here. I have an excuse, although it's not a good one. My computer is on the fritz again, but I cannot fix it. For some reason I cannot connect to the free software site at ISU. So I have no computer except my families' computers, which drive me nuts. My little brothers are always on two of them, one is my dad's for work, and the two at the other house are as slow as mine. So I've been neglecting to post. I'll give you a quick rundown of my week while I listen to a new band I found on Purevolume called PlayRadioPlay!:

  • My little brother decided that internet security software my dad installed was annoying because it kept him from playing WoW 24 hours a day, so he tried to delete it. And when I say delete it, I mean that he deleted every file he could find. He is really stupid, because now it blocks every connection to the internet and won't recognize the password file to be uninstalled. That computer is now useless, permanently.

  • My favorite radio station, Drive 105, which is a combination of three stations (WGVX, WGVY and WGVZ), is no more. It has now be replaced by Love105, which sounds like crap. I am not happy, and I know many of my friends aren't either. Since the swap on Monday, I've seen multiple status changes on the Facebook regarding the change, as well as my friend John leaving a lovely message on my wall about his disgust. You will be missed JP the Radio Slave!

  • Please sign petitions people!

  • In other news, I managed to get out of bed today before 1 o'clock. This is an accomplishment for me, since I really have nothing to do. I also got a 3.55 this past semester (grades released today), and I am fairly happy with it. I will never take 17 credits within my major again.

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  1. You should just listen to the Current instead. It's a much better station, with a larger playlist and no commercials. When you sign a petition or call them or e-mail them with a suggestion, or give them money, it actually makes a difference, since they're public radio.