May 22, 2007


IF you haven't noticed, I love Purevolume. I find a lot of new artists there, and my friends do too. My newest "flavor-of-the-week" came from the Purevolume homepage's Pure Picks. I personally love electronic music, but I haven't found a ton of good artists. Obviously, the band that got me started was the Postal Service. But they disbanded after a single album.

PlayRadioPlay! was started by Dan Hunter two years ago. This native Texan was signed to Island Records last November, and is currently touring the nation as a part of Warped Tour. I guess the best way to describe his music a "younger Postal Service with less Indy-cred". But the guy is good. I've been listening to him every time I go online for the past two weeks.

His latest en devour, "The Frequency EP", debuted at number 6 on the Billboard's Electronic chart.

(Turn up your speakers)

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