June 2, 2007

Internship - day 1

So I made it through four days of my internship. Training was a little boring due to the huge amounts of information we had to learn (and not all applied to everyone). But today I met my team, and finally got some work. The team seem very cool and my manager is really nice. Oh yeah, when I say work, I mean minimal work. I can't work on the web based training, because the system is down for some reason. One of the team members helped us set up the software and the repository, and another got us started on a few JUnit tests (if you know what that is). Honestly, I still have no idea what my team does, but I know it involves multi-media. I don't get to play with movies and music, but I think I have to help store them. I'm still really fuzzy on that, but I'm glad to get out of training and get some actual work done.

Oh yeah, the whole team went out to a pool hall/restaurant for lunch. Played a few games of cut-throat, and had a beer - at work! I'm going to like this place.

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