June 15, 2007

Mayer: Inventor & Peanut Butter Enthusiast

John Mayer is one amazing guitarist, but he's also a pretty funny guy. I love to watch the video of him dressed in a bear suit making fun of his own fans before a concert. I guess he has a blog, and CollegeHumor.com has informed me that he wrote a very funny letter to The Smucker Company. Here is an excerpt, and it only gets better from there (the real letter includes diagrams!):

This design would allow for both consistent apportioning of peanut butter and would save your consumers the cleaning of a knife, or in my case, nineteen knives. Simply tear across the top of the mylar pouch to reveal a rounded plastic edge that acts as a "spreader". Squeeze the peanut butter off the edge of the spreader, and work it across the bread or testicles.

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