June 7, 2007

Things I have learned in KC, so far

  • ♫ even the smartest engineer is still stupid enough to try and iron a shirt while he is wearing it (my roommate)
  • ♫ just because all four people you go out to the bars with say they are conservative, chances are only one of them will get at you for making sense
  • ♫ townies are never as much fun to go to the bars with as people are totally out of their element
  • ♫ when driving people cannot merge. Period.
  • ♫ I'm going to make a lot of money someday
  • ♫ It takes me longer to set up a brand new computer than it does for the computer guys to get me a new one
  • ♫ Eclipse is actually kind of handy
  • ♫ do while loops aren't actually useless
  • ♫ I actually learned something at ISU that can be applied to a job
  • ♫ dorms are still horrible
  • ♫ the RA at the front desk is proably gay, and most likely has a crush on me
  • ♫ There are people who want to go to a Bloc Party concert, granted there are only 5 out of 180
  • ♫ if you don't play your songs enough, you will forget the lyrics
  • ♫ ambient music is the best thing to have at work
  • ♫ kansas city is hilly
  • ♫ running up/down hills sucks
  • ♫ microsoft outlook is very useful
  • ♫ 15 drinks in a night gives me a headache, but isn't as bad if it's beer
  • ♫ it's hard to motivate yourself to do extra stuff for yourself after work, but during work it's very easy
  • ♫ my friends don't call enough, but text more than they should
  • ♫ sharing a bathroom with two people you have never met can be interesting, and sucky
  • ♫ There is a cop in every store in KC, but very few on the roads
  • ♫ there are at least two cops in Target at closing
  • ♫ there is a spot in KC where at least 6 highways converge, maybe more
  • ♫ people who are getting their masters still do internships
  • ♫ people who are married still do internships, even at the age of 26