July 8, 2007

Power Hour at the Dark Horse

I was out in Westport (the bar district here in KC) last friday night. Power Hour had just finished at the Dark Horse, and the guys that were there made full use of it. The deal is that you pay $10, and you get as many wells as you want from 8-10. Don't ask me why they call it Power HOUR. So I showed up at 10PM to spend a few hours with the guys, and a few of them were already pretty gone. As we were leaving for another bar, Colin pulls out his phone and asks me read what it says because he's "too drunk to read" (his words, not mine). Then, with a very serious look on his face, he slurs the funniest thing I heard all night.

she sent me a text, but I'm too drunk to text back.
she'll have to wait.
it's all about atticipation.
This goes out to you Colin!

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