August 6, 2007

Freud was messed up... (Dream Part 2)

I had that wonderful dream again last night. This time I was in a parking garage, talking to mystery girl on the phone, who was parked a few cars behind me. This time my brain managed to get to the kissing part but then when we left, driving separate cars, I lost her again. Why must my imaginary sex/love-life be as frustrating as my real one?

Anyway, I've noticed a pattern in my dreams over the years. Usually the dreams involve people I love, in places that I've been. Yesterday I drove to the airport to pick up my parents, and my friend Ashley drove my car so that we could go to the Mall while my parents went home. The girl in my dream was not Ashley, although I do believe that she is based solely off a girl that I have known since middle school.

I believe that the images I see every night are based off of past experiences and brief images that my mind has captured and held onto. Everything in between is my imagination. For example I remember a dream where I was walking through a park, and a blue ball came bouncing past me. When I really thought about it, that happened to me a week earlier in real life. The ball was red, and I wasn't in a park, but it still entered my frame of vision from the same angle and bounced past in the same manner. That is why being in the parking garage makes so much sense. I highly doubt they are some sort of Freudian subconscious fantasy involving a dirty mall parking garage.


  1. It's nice that your sex dreams are as sexless as mine.

    One of the sexiest experiences of my life occurred in a garage. Not a parking garage. Just a reg'lar garage.

  2. But alas Andrew, another visit to my apartment leaves me with no new music.