August 21, 2007

iMacs Rule!

So I went to the university bookstore yesterday, and found out that I could get a cool discount on a new iMac. That meant that I could get a bigger one! So I got all excited and bought it. But when I walked out of the bookstore I realized that I made a mistake. I wasn't sure when/where I could catch a bus. So I ended up walking over a mile back to my dorm carrying the heavy box it came it. I was not fun, especially since it was so hot out. I probably looked really odd walking down the street with a large Apple box. Oh well, I was happy.

And I have big plans for this new computer. It's been 5 years since I got my last little guy. So I decided to get a desktop. And I love Macs, especially for music stuff. But I have a bunch of software that I bought just because I have a student discount. It's for Windows, so I got Parallels. That way I can have both Vista and OSX running at the same time. Hopefully, I can get it all set up in the next week, and then start recording music. We'll see how all that goes.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. A few people requested them. I was surprised at how little was in the box. The first pic is my keyboard/mouse/software in their box. Other than that there was only the computer (which has a built in monitor) and the power cord. Apple likes to make their products simple, and I was amazed at how simple it was.


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