August 27, 2007

Snail Mail

Today a series of events happened. Well not all of them were today. Let me explain.

I got a text today from my mother, telling that I got a letter today in the mail (in MN) from my previous landlord (in IA). The landlord said that I needed to pay the electricity bill, which is strange because I always paid that straight to the city. They came to me when it was late, and I talked to them when there was a problem. On top of that, I took my name off that bill two months ago, and they sent me a letter acknowledging that I had done so. I also was told that my name was going to be taken off the lease, seeing as how I don't live there anymore.

So how did I get a letter from a landlord that I don't lease from and a city that I don't have an account with, in the wrong state? That's where a little imagination comes in. My mother figured it out though. Since Gym never put his name on the electricity bill that I took my name off of, the city sent a letter to our landlord about paying the bill, who in turn sent us a letter. When I moved out, I had my mail forwarded to my parent's house in MN. Since my name was the first on the lease, and therefor first on the mailing address, USPS saw that my mail was forwarded and did so.

So I made sure to call Gym right after I got that text to tell him that he owes the city $14 or they were going to turn off their power. Funny thing is, they lost power earlier this morning! Interesting how that works, eh? I guess the mail is slower than I thought.

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