September 26, 2007

Amazon to pass iTunes?

I just read that Amazon is offeringCheaper Songs than iTunes! the best part, to me, is that they are DRM-free! I'm kind of excited. Here's the low-down according to Ashley at Cybernet News:

  • Amazon
    • DRM - n/a
    • DRM free - $0.89 to $0.99 each
    • Full Albums - most $5.99 - $9.99 (some cheaper)
    • Over 2 million songs by 180,000 artists (20,000 major and independent labels)
  • iTunes
    • DRM - $0.99 each
    • DRM free - $1.29 each

The problem I see is that iTunes currently has over 2 Billion songs. That's 100 times the size of Amazon's. Hopefully amazon will expand quickly, and allow people to add their songs to the list easier than iTunes, which I heard has a long waiting period for lesser known bands.
[Cybernet News]

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