September 26, 2007

Are cell phones destructive?

Holy cow! I just pulled up the call timer for my phone. I've had it for 2 years next month, and I've spent a TON of time on this phone. In the last two years I've spent over 95 hours on received calls, 77 on dialed calls, and almost 173 hours total on the phone. That's too much. And although I know I'm not in the upper tier of cell phone users, I rarely use a landline. So what does that tell us about the society that we live in?

Also I saw a commercial for a cell phone company where the mother is out raged that her little girl sent over 3000 texts in a month. On an average month that adds up to almost 19 texts every waking hour (8 per day). What?! I hope there are very very few people out there who text that much.

Should we use them less? Or just smarter? I for one hate hearing loud ringtones during class, even if I'm not paying attention. I think that cell phones give people the excuse to be annoying in public while also being completely oblivious to their surroundings.

What do you guys think?

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  1. I think that's not that many hours over two years. That's less than five work-weeks over the course of two years. That includes every little call you've ever made, those times you were lost and called your friend twenty times in thirty minutes, things like that. I would be surprised if I ever have a landline, and I would be surprised if you did. Cell phones are the future of distance spoken communication, even more than they are the current reality. I think we live in a culture (and you and I and our friends are a part of a class) that is increasingly mobile and far-flung. I went to school 1300 miles from home. I saw my parents twice a year. Even while I was in school, some of my best friends were in Wisconsin, Virginia, Texas, New York City . . . Now that I live in Boston my most important relationships are still with people I'm at least a few hundred miles away from. I think that's the way more and more people operate. I look forward to seeing where we go with this technology next.