September 1, 2007

Fluffy Cloud Dreams

I had a really strange dream last night/this morning. Actually I had bunch that I vaguely remember. In one of them my lil' brothers, my Dad and I were on the roof of an apartment complex (possibly UMKC) and people were throwing inflated baseballs at us, trying to get us to play catch. I thought someone was going to fall off. At one point the clouds formed into the name of some company and you could see multiple moons outlined in some of the characters.

In another one (or were they the same one) I was hanging out with a bunch of people the morning after a night on the town. There were around 7 girls and they were all really nice and really attractive. And a few of them were totally flirting with me etc. I think we also moved some stuff into my room because it needed to be stored somewhere. It really made me wonder what happened the night before.

In the last dream I was at a very fancy resort with my ex, and I guess we were dating. We were walking around the balcony in the main building which was made of stone. There was an oval ceiling held up by massive stone pillars. The whole thing was open air and very pretty. So was the view all the way around the building, including these large white, fluffy clouds. We were walking back into the main part when I looked to my left to say something. She smiled at me, but I noticed something behind her. Through the pillars on the far end of the building I saw the clouds start to rotate. As they swirled, they formed a white tornado which began to come towards the building. I figured we were safe inside, but it was very open air, so I tried to get her to get down on the ground for cover. She wasn't going for it - "I don't need you to protect me". Then the tornado bounced off the building about 200 feet away, and took one of the stone pillars with it. I saw it circle around and head back for more. I knew we weren't safe. So I basically tackled the girl to the ground, since she was still fighting, and watched as the tornado came back to finish off the building... end of dream. Very strange if you ask me.

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