September 21, 2007

Google is stalking me!

The United States needs help. Remember that lady that sued McDonalds because she burnt her groin while trying to drive, and add sugar to the cup that was resting between her legs? How about not doing stupid things while driving? Or not putting your hot coffee near your ba-jingo (random Scrubs reference)? Now McDonalds must serve their coffee at 130 degrees instead of 190, and all the coffee cups say "Hot!" about a billions times on them.

Well here is a new idiot. This guy takes the cake. His lawsuit is that Google is endangering his identity. Can you guess why? Because if you flip his SSN and add a few other things together, it looks like Google (see picture). Also, the entire lawsuit was written up on a piece of paper. Personally, I think this guy is an idiot. If he wins, I will lose what little faith I still have in our judicial system.

[Cybernet News]

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  1. . . . And now his social security number is all over the internet.