September 6, 2007

iPod Touch!

Apple announced yesterday that they are making a new iPod, the iPod Touch (link to Cybernet News). It looks almost exactly like the iPhone, except it's less expensive and only plays music. Personally, I think it's a great stepping stone. But I'm not paying $400 for an 8gig that I can poke. The wifi stuff is pretty cool though. Only Safari though. I would like being able to surf the net whenever I want, provided I'm in a hotspot. The album button is cool too, so you can automatically jump to the album of the song currently playing. And of course, they are doing a deal with Starbucks. I still think it's a little too much for an iPod though. I mean, the iPhone is awesome (and expensive), but all I need my iPod to do is play music. I hope Apple doesn't discontinue the regular iPod and just start offering the Touch.

There is a video on the Cybernet News link that is pretty cool, but long.

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