September 9, 2007

Screw You TicketMaster!

I have a pet peeve. Finding/getting tickets for a show can be annoying. I prefer to buy tickets in advance, since I have missed a few shows because they sold out. But way too many venues only sell their tickets through TicketMaster, who hikes the cost up with fees. Is a "venue fee" really needed? The venue isn't charging me a fee, then why does TicketMaster have the right to charge me for them? And why am I charged $2.50 to print out my own ticket?! Instead I can get the tickets in the mail, but they might not get there until 48 hours before the show. It makes much more sense that I should be charged for the time/man hours/postage for them to print out the ticket and send it to me.

I just think it's ridiculous that I want to buy a ticket to the Motion City Soundtrack/Mae/Anberlin show in advance, because it's three of my favorite bands, but I have to pay almost 175% the face value! That's right, a ticket that costs $20 at the venue is now $35 simply because I want to be assured of a seat/floor space.

My other problem is finding shows. Last week I found out the day before the show that Reel Big Fish was playing in Des Moines. I was excited to go, but missed it for the same reason why I didn't post this past week. Another example: at least once a month I look at all my current favorite bands websites/MySpaces to see if they are coming to venues close by. Paramore is one of my new favorite bands, and I checked out every website with their tour dates on it. I couldn't find any shows near me. In fact most of them were out of the country. But I was checking The Myth Nightclub's website for cheaper tickets to the above show, and I saw that Paramore is playing almost a month before. I might just go, even though it's a 3.5 hour drive. How do they expect to sell tickets if no one knows about the show?

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