September 10, 2007

Yep, the Music Industry has officially lost it.

It's true. Case and Point: The Ringle. Combine one part single and one part ring tone. Package it in a CD jewel case. Possibly toss in a remix and a b-side from the same artist. Sell it at Target, Walmart, Best Buy etc. How much would you pay for that? I hope you said $5.98 or $6.98, because that's the list price.

they have really lost it in my mind. But on top of that, people are eating it up! Ring tones are selling like crazy, and most of the ones I've heard (during class usually) sound like crap, even worse than the original song. I seriously think that polyphonic tones sound a ton better, and you can make them yourself. Too bad I have to hack my phone to keep from having to pay over $3 a tone.


  1. In what world is the thinking "we're competing against free, so we'd better up the price" logical?? That's so not the economics I learned.