October 17, 2007

Apple drops prices of DRM-free MP3s

(Ok, I lied. I have a little time in between classes, and instead of studying Java like I should be, I'm blogging.)

Three weeks ago Amazon announced they were offering cheaper DRM-free songs. Instead of $1.29 like iTunes, they were charging under a dollar. Well Apple took notice. They are now offering DRM-free songs for just 99 cents. The obvious explanation would be that they were trying to compete with Amazon, but yesterday an Apple spokeswoman said that this change was "not in response to competition"(Yahoo News). I don't believe it.

Also, before iTunes users could upgrade their DRM music to the DRM-free version for just 30 cents (the difference in the two prices). Rumor has it that even though the two prices are now the same, users will still be charged 30 cents to upgrade.

Well, at least Apple is finally getting with it, and offering iTunes shoppers what they want - sharable music.

Via [Cybernet News]

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