October 1, 2007

As if they weren't strange enough...

Last night my dreams got stranger than before. Every once in a while I'll have an interesting dream about something that isn't possible, but I'm not talking about that. Last night's dream was totally possible, and pretty scary. I only remember short clips or just a freeze-frame of a scene, possibly with a strong emotion connected to it, bit I still figured out the idea of my dream.

So last night I was yet again dating the same girl from a few past dreams. I was at her house, but it wasn't a house that I recognize. It's strange because I usually see places that I recognize even if they don't represent that place. We were flirting. End scene. Now cut to me over hearing a conversation of my aunt, who mentions that I had AIDs and had since birth (yet my mother didn't somehow). I started freaking out. I couldn't believe that no one had ever told me, and I had probably given it to at least one other person. I had pretty much ruined someone else's life because of someone else's stupidity. I was in shock.

I am soooo glad it was just a dream.

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