October 5, 2007

Boys and Girls in America

Artist: The Hold Steady
Release Date: October 3, 2006
Stand Out Songs: First Night, Stuck Between Stations, Hot Soft Light
Favorite Lyric(s): "I've had kisses that make Judas seem sincere."
Interesting Fact: Daniel Radcliffe claims they are his favorite band.

Thoughts: This album is straight up rock. Distortion, guitar solos and lyrics about drugs and alcohol. Actually, I think every song on the album mentions one of the two. But that's what rock is isn't it? The other thing that I love about this band is that although they are based out of Brooklyn, four of it's five members are from Minneapolis. To my delight, they mention well known Twin Cities hotspots, such as Highway 494, France Ave., and Nicollet (similar to Motion City Soundtrack). I also found it interesting that the lead singer Craig Finn looks like he could almost be my dad. I hope I can still be rocking out when I hit 36!

Watch for: Dual-solos in Some Kooks as well as a dogfight solo in Hot Soft Light. Also, the nostalgia themed First Night.

Bottom Line: 84 / 100


  1. 494 is a Minneapolis hotspot?

  2. Also, dick, it deserves like a 98. I'll kill you.

  3. It's gotten the highest score so far! Haha, I do like it a lot, but in reality I'm very tired of people who say "Well, it deserved a higher score, but I can't give it one because 99 is high enough" or "I can't give it a better score than X".

    there are albums out there that I listen to from time to time that really deserve a 40/100, but no one is going to rate it that low. And, no, I don't listen to them for the musicianship.

    I gave it what I gave it, and I think that's a very respectable score.

  4. . . . I have no idea what you mean. And you still suck.