October 12, 2007


Last night I was studying for my exam this morning when a friend IM-ed me. He told me that there were free iTunes songs on Facebook. I immediately stopped studying to explore this claim. He was right! I got 5 free songs. But then, in my excitement, I started telling other people and some of them gave me their codes! I ended up with 25 free songs. Needless to say, not enough studying got done. I got the newest Paramore album, the PlayRadioPlay! EP, that song from the Bouncy Ball commercial, Monkey Wrench(I'm learning it on guitar) and a Fall Out Boy remix. I also grabbed a song that was, for some reason, missing from one my Motion City Soundtrack albums.

So, here is what you need to do:

  • ♫ Login to Facebook
  • ♫ Search for the group "Ticketmaster Live"
  • ♫ View the group's page
  • ♫ In the upper right there's the link "join group", click it
  • ♫ Let the page reload
  • ♫ Your code should show up just to the left of that link, where the ad is for free iTunes songs
  • EDIT: If you need a picture to show you where, go here
If you don't want your free songs, feel free to email me your code! [adbrand (at) aol.com]

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