October 10, 2007

Sorry for 3 posts in a row, but I was just looking around facebook (instead of studying) and I found my good friend Jim's deviant-art page. I knew he had one, but I'd never visited. His name is Jim by the way. Jim has been my good friend since freshman year of college. We've lived together 3 years now, but not currently. In fact, he lives 4 blocks away and I rarely see him.

Jim is the best photographer I know.

There are times when I just want to tell him to drop out of school and just shoot all day. He used to take photos for the paper here at ISU, and for that one semester, I read the paper everyday. While I was milling around his deviant-art gallery, I found a few photos that I recognized, and a few that I didn't. I know what his work looks like, so none of them surprised me too much. What did though, was how much emotion I felt when I looked at them. Each picture tells a story. I felt as though there was something going on that I couldn't see, but I could sense it was there. That is one thing that amazes me about Jim's work. It speaks to you. It whispers to you. It is a living, breathing thing.

My friend Josh also takes great photos. I actually helped him make his website, which badly needs to be updated. Josh has a great sense of perspective and lining things up in the foreground with the background (feel free to make fun of me if I'm wrong about this). I've enjoyed seeing his work progress over the time that I've known him.

I just thought that I would share some of my favorite works with you guys. I wish I could post more and make this a gallery of its own, but I gotta stick to the things that I (kinda) know instead. Please check out their sites and leave them comments. You might even see a few photos of me in there!

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