November 7, 2007

Jim is gaying things

This is an actual IM conversation I had with my roommate Sophomore year of college. This makes me laugh every time I read it. (oh yeah, Jim/John were our other two roommates)

nimit (12:17:53 AM): andrew!
me (12:17:56 AM): yo
nimit (12:18:09 AM): i need to tell you something
me (12:18:15 AM): ok
nimit (12:18:16 AM): it's important
nimit (12:18:20 AM): you can't tell everyone
nimit (12:18:26 AM): ready......
me (12:18:26 AM): can i tell anyone?
nimit (12:18:30 AM): no
me (12:18:31 AM): k
nimit (12:18:36 AM): jim is gay
nimit (12:18:44 AM): i saw him
me (12:18:50 AM): him doing what?
nimit (12:18:50 AM): gaying things
nimit (12:18:59 AM): he gayed the toaster oven
nimit (12:19:09 AM): it was gross, there was butter everywhere
me (12:19:26 AM): what exactly doing "gaying" mean?
nimit (12:19:38 AM): it's everything you think, and more....
nimit (12:19:44 AM): lot of penis on metal contact
nimit (12:19:52 AM): note: a catholic penis
me (12:19:52 AM): sounds like a lot of chaffing
nimit (12:20:15 AM): he got a haircut too
nimit (12:20:21 AM): probably to gay you
me (12:20:40 AM): he cant gay me
nimit (12:21:07 AM): that's fine
me (12:21:22 AM): but he can gay you
me (12:21:27 AM): or even worse, JOHN
nimit (12:23:09 AM): he'll be gaying all of us
nimit (12:23:16 AM): there's no escaping it
me (12:23:24 AM): good thing i'm never home
me (12:23:34 AM): soon we will have drapes!
me (12:23:39 AM): pink frilly ones
nimit (12:24:48 AM): jim and i are both naked right now
nimit (12:24:55 AM): and we're fine with that
me (12:25:52 AM): why am i not surprised
nimit (12:26:55 AM): my penis hurts
me (12:27:08 AM): from?
me (12:27:23 AM): poor yittle nimmers
nimit (12:29:18 AM): i got my penis caught in the car door
me (12:29:48 AM): your car door?
me (12:31:39 AM): why was it "out and about" while you were shutting the car door?
nimit (12:34:27 AM): things
me (12:34:42 AM): things??
nimit (12:36:05 AM): yEA

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