November 8, 2007

Listen up RIAA! P2P is your friend

You know how the music industry is pouring money into catching people for illegally downloading music? And the RIAA is becoming a bigger and bigger pain in the ass? Well, it turns out that music downloading actually INCREASES music purchases. Yes, that is right. The more people who download music, the more money these big record labels make. And yet they are spending so much money to stop it. Ridiculous.

The study, aptly named The Impact of Music Downloads and P2P File-Sharing on the Purchase of Music: A Study for Industry Canada, found some interesting things:

  • ♫ downloading the equivalent of approximately one CD increases purchasing by about half of a CD
  • ♫ roughly one quarter [of songs] were downloaded because they were not available for purchase
  • ♫ people who buy digital downloads are not less likely to buy CDs
  • ♫ purchases of other forms of entertainment such as cinema and concert tickets, and video games tend to increase with music purchases
I sure hope the record labels start paying attention to this information. I can only hope the music industry is shifting towards smaller labels and better/cheaper music.

[Cybernet News]

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