November 10, 2007

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

Do you know what your kids are listening to? A new study from the American Public Health Association shows that one-third of songs today have a reference to either drugs or alcohol in them. The study looked at 279 of the bestselling songs in 2005, based on the Billboard magazine charts. They also separated it out into 5 genres that are "popular with kids" (rap, country, R&B/hip-hop, rock, pop).

  • ♫ Pop 9%
  • ♫ Rock - 14%
  • ♫ R&B/hip-hop - 20%
  • ♫ Country - 37%
  • ♫ Rap - 77%
  • ♫ Total - 33%
Honestly, I'm not surprised. One of my favorite albums, Boys and Girls in America, has a mention of substance abuse in every song. We all know that drugs and alcohol goes with the Rock and Roll lifestyle and even if every band member doesn't give into the temptation, there is still an influence on the music. Even I've written songs about that stuff, though I've only drank alcohol.

That said, look at the source. I guess it makes sense that they are looking at the most popular songs, since that's what kids tend to listen to. But the article failed to mention other sub-genres like Straight-Edge and Christian Rock. Also, 279 songs is barely a legitimate sampling of music in my mind.

I wonder how the numbers would have changed if they had included sex in there. Or even degrading statements towards women (I'm look at you Rap music).

[Yahoo News via Digg]

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