December 11, 2007

thesixtyone - a music adventure

Have you ever heard of Thesixtyone is like a Digg for music. Users are able to "bump" songs, which is like voting. The more bumps a song gets, the higher it will be on the lists or even the front page. This sounds like a great website and I hope it does well. I am currently listening to thesixtyone radio, and so far I like what the users have chosen. It even allows you to listen to songs continuously while surfing the site.

The best thing about thesixtyone is that it works on a points system. Basically this keeps the voting system from being abused. Users need a certain amount of points to bump a song (don't worry, it's not a lot) and can only bump a song once. If other people bump that song, you get more points. This encourages users to promote good songs that other people will like. If you earn enough points you can more up a level, which allows you to bump a song more than once (more features to come!).

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