January 13, 2007

January 12, 2007

Demetri Martin

When Mitch Hedberg died a few years ago I was very sad. He had such a unique style that I never thought I would see again. Enter Demetri Martin.

Demetri has quickly grown to be my favorite comedian. His jokes frequently involve "deadpan" one-liners about funny things he has noticed, much like Hedberg. But Demetri also brings more to the table. He always has a guitar with him, sometimes to play a funny song and sometimes to provide background music. He has also been known to bring out a large notepad with pictures drawn on it, to help illustrate some of his jokes. Demetri is one of few comedians who does more than two different types of comedy (stand-up, prop, musical). He has won multiple awards for his work, stan-up and side projects.

Demetri is a very smart/busy man. He attended Yale followed by New York University School of Law where he dropped out in his last year to pursue comedy (wiki). Rumor has it he has an open invitation to return to NYU Law, on the full scholarship he gave up. Since then Demetri has been a writer for Conan O'Brien, a correspondent on the Daily Show (Trendspotting), and released two CDs. The second is These Are Jokes, and it is a CD/DVD combo. It's really good (I bought it). Recently, Microsoft hired Demetri to write advertisements for their new operating system Windows Vista, in a campaign called Clearification. On top of that, Demetri has written and sold pitches to Dreamworks and Columbia Pictures as well as possibly writing a book of drawings (wiki).

The real reason why I am writing about Demetri now, is that his second special is on Comedy Central this Sunday (1/14) at 9PM. Watch it. It'll be good.

January 11, 2007

January 10, 2007

Say anything, but say what you mean.
When you whisper you want this
your eyes tell the same.
We are gaining speed
I can barely breathe.
Cause I'm caught in suspension.

- Mae Suspension


I've been putting off writing about this band for a few months. When I started this blog, I decided that I would write about all the bands that I loved already, and then about new bands. This would force me to go out and find more great bands after I had written about all my old favorites. But this band is a little different. Anberlin is a band that immediately jumped to into my favorites and has never left. They are a great band, so I wanted to give them the best article I could.

A year ago my friend and now roommate gave me some Christian rock music. I hadn't listened to Xian in years, since middle school I think. And back then Christian had a stigma to it. It still does, to some people. But I don't believe that Christian music has to mean "crappy campfire/worship songs". Now it just means the band is on a Xian label and has strong undertones. Very few of the Xian bands I listen to mention God directly. I rarely hear the words praise, pray, Jesus or sin. I love it. These bands rock. I'm sure you've all heard some of these Xian bands (wiki) that have made it into the mainstream: Carrie Underwood, Aly & AJ, Relient K, P.O.D., Switchfoot, the Fold, Blindside, Emery, Mae, the Elms, Mat Kearney, mewithoutyou, MxPx, the Afters, Flyleaf, Jars of Clay, Pedro the Lion, Lifehouse, The Classic Crime, Slickshoes, Sixpence None the Richer, Showbread, Mace (rap), Sufjan Stevens, Supertones, Third Day, Mutemath, Underoath, Waking Ashland. The band Rascal Flatts and P.Diddy both have a Christian album and the Fray is played on Christian radio all the time.


Anberlin is a alternative, Christian rock band formed in 2002. The band was actually named after the lead singer's name for his future daughter (wiki). The band released their debut album Blueprints for the Black Market just one year after forming the band. Since then they have expanded their fan base and released their second album, which I have, Never Take Friendship Personal.

That album is one of my favorites ever. At just under 40 minutes, the CD delivers on every song. But I'm sure it's a lot easier to do that when you have five great musicians. Being a one myself, I can tell you the drummer for Anberlin is really good. Every beat is solid, driving and ever-changing. Many of the songs have distortion-driven guitar just below a fast moving lead guitar riff. The vocals are also great, with catchy lyrics with some depth to them.

Their first single A Day Late is about a guy who used to love a girl, but she did not return that love. But now that he has moved on, she wants him. "Now we both have separate lives and lovers (and lovers)/insignificantly enough we both have significant others". In the chorus he sings "we could have been lovers, but at least you are still my daily friend". You can download an acoustic version of the song on the band's Purevolume account. I would suggest you do so, because it's one of the best acoustic versions of a song I've heard in a long long time.

A Day Late Acoustic [Live]

Paperthin Hymn, their other single, also deals with unrequited love but this time it's lost love. I'm not sure if the main character is actually talking to/about God, or if this is another love song for a girl. I like to think the latter. He screams "I thought you said forever/Over and over". This song actually made it to #38 on the US Modern Rock charts (wiki), which is really good for a Christian band.

Paperthin Hymn

Check this band out. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like them.

January 9, 2007

Will It Blend? - iPod

Andy McKee – Drifting

I totally passed out today, sitting in my room, completely sober. I sat down on my bed to look at the new books I got, and next thing I know it's an hour later and my nose really hurts because I was still wearing my glasses. It's going to be a long semester, and I haven't even started my work!

Pink Floyd Album Covers

January 8, 2007

I'm not in a good mood.

Since I have nothing to do for my classes (yet), I was organizing my external hard drive. Dorky, I know, but I can't find any of my music so it has to be done. I came upon a few files that were left over/lost when I fixed her computer a year ago. I opened what I thought was a website file (bad idea) and found a conversation between her and a guy that she really liked. I didn't read it; I didn't want to, nor did I feel comfortable reading it. But I still felt a wave of feelings, most of them bad. It's not that I still fret about that stuff, but I remember how much I didn't like hearing about it at the time.

Sometimes I wish feelings could just go away. I mean, Linsey and I were great and I was very very much in love with her. But now I'm not, and I'm okay with that. But every once in a while I get reminded of what I had. Actually it's more like I'm reminded of what I still don't have. Still, I'm happy. But I don't like the reminders of better days, not that today is bad though.

Alright, I'm done rambling and unintentionally contradicting myself.

The Sneeze - Raisins VS Drumset

Last month I made a stop by a blog linked to Toothpaste for Dinner/Natalie Dee. It's only updated once a week or so, but the latest is pretty damn funny. He got his three-year-old son a digital drum set for xmas and, for shits and giggles, wrapped up a small box of raisins to put in his stocking. Apparently the box of raisins got a 6 out of 10 on the excitement scale, whereas the drum set got an obvious 10/10. He then graphed the excitement per dollar, since the drum set was $60 and the raisins $0.27. He even pulled some audio from his camcorder of his son's reactions.

The blog is called The Sneeze. Pretty funny stuff.

January 7, 2007

Ok, so I'm going to try to sum up my break in less than a page. I'll make it brief.

Week 1

The first week I went to visit my cousin up in Duluth/Superior. I got a free lift ticket for snowboarding and had a great time. There's a few pictures of me in my facebook album Weekend in Souptown, but most of them didn't upload correctly. I got much more comfortable on boxes and carving fast, and I even managed to take a few jumps. In the end I hurt my wrist after catching an edge trying to avoid a younger rider, and it's still hurts two weeks later. I thought it might have been broken,but it turns out it was just a bad sprain.

Jim stopped by MN to see Sarah, and we went out to Uncommon. Lots of drama there.
Week 2
I had xmas, and got a few cool presents. I got a digital camcorder, which I really wanted. My family got a Wii, but it broke after one hour of play (I was the only one to play it). Turns out, after a phone call to India, the remote is busted and we need a new one. So I didn't get to play anymore Wii than that.

I also got a great deep red colored shirt to go with my suit, which I got tailored. It turns out I wasn't crazy. After wearing that suit for a year, the sleeves really were different lengths!

I also got the chance to hang out with the always interesting Emilia. That night, my car died twice and we got stranded in Uptown. Sarah came to our rescue only to be offended by Emilia on the way home (no one's fault). It was awkward for all involved. But I still had a great time.
Week 3
After pumping $65 worth of parts and multiple man hours into my car, it still died when I was on my way to a New Year's Eve party. The plan was to go to Uptown for a fancy meal, but it snowed over 8 inches in parts of Minneapolis. So that was canceled. Emilia was invited which is good or bad, depending on whether or not you talk to Sarah or me. Anyway, my car died and I slid into the guard rail blocks from my house. Luckily, my step brother pulled me out and dragged my car through the snow back to our house. Turns out my car battery just needed a little water added to it, and a recharge. I made it to the party, but in my dad's car.

Then came the Chicago trip. I decided to leave my car at home to save money, but then our ride dropped out for the trip. After purchasing bus tickets and talking to my friends, I finally decided not to go on the trip, but to brining my car to Ames. I ended up missing a Ludo show for the third time in the last five months, but I did get to see John and Emilia.

It sure was a crazy break. btw - the picture is of me at Uncommon Grounds (home of the worlds best Chi).

Man, it is good to be back in Ames. It's good to be back on a schedule (starting tomorrow). It's good to have all of my stuff in one place. It's good to see my friends, especially Nimit. I'm glad to play my drum set again.

But I do miss Minnesota already. I miss Emilia, John, and Ian. I miss getting sleep until 1 everyday, and always feeling like I should have gotten up, but knowing that it really doesn't matter. I miss Uptown; there are no lounges in Ames. I want ISU to be in Minneapolis, but still feel far from home. I need that independence, but with all the quirks and people of the city that I love.

My past three weeks have been insane. I'll try and write about them soon/tonight, but there is a lot to tell. I hope everyone of my friends had a great break, and everyone else had happy holidays.