January 19, 2007

UCLA sitar/bass/piano/sax/tabla/guitar jam

"We did, however, laugh really hard earlier today about the idea of an old man sticking his lubricated arm stump up a retarded man's ass... It was all in the context of theater however, so it was ok."

- Emilia on a conversation with her mother

January 18, 2007

in a attic apartment in Iowa in a bed too big for one
you fell asleep with the stereo when the day was done
on a hardwood floor in Memphis with a hangover and rain
I laid there in my sleeping bag and heard the walls whisper your name
I missed you in Mississippi with a map drawn on my chest
my hands kept driving south, my thoughts raced Midwest

this fall will be all phone calls and postcards
and I wish you were here's
last night the streetlights they painted on October ice
and your face appeared

I got dead drunk and dreamed of you down in New Orleans
you sting just like one fifty one and you burn just like Jim Beam
you've got Virginia's good looks and Carolina's charm
if you were Florida I'd be the sea and I'd carry you afloat in my arms
in a basement flat in Chicago in a bed too small for two
I'm holding this beat up six string when I should be holding you

- Hanalei Beacon in the Distance

January 17, 2007

January 16, 2007


(a poem by my friend John to our friend Emilia, about her large cat)

Have you ever seen a bigger cat, than the one at your house?
Does it ever even exercise? Has it ever chased a mouse?

Maybe if we got it a membership to a health club or a gym.
Then it could shed those pounds and look nice and slim.

Possibly a little Jenny Craig would help do the trick.
Or maybe personal training from that Swedish body builder, Nick.

Your cat reminds me of that guy on Sesame Street, Snuff-a-lup-a-guss.
Maybe that's because your cat is way past being voluptuous.

Maybe I am wrong; maybe he's not that chunky.
Maybe he's just big-boned, and turned out kind of funky.

I really should stop, I said I've retired from fat jokin'
But when I saw your cat, I laughed so hard, I thought I was token.

Personally, I love your cat, I think it's the very very best.
I've seen lots of cats, and yours most definitely beats the rest.


Yep, it is that cold in Iowa

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