January 27, 2007

Saw Spoof (scary)

January 26, 2007

Hardcore Crowd Surfing

January 25, 2007

Buy A Mac

I'm sure you have all seen the Buy A Mac commercials. I think they are part of one of the best ad campaigns I've ever seen. Well, one my friends posted every single one, all in one place. He downloaded them from Apple.com, uploaded them to Google Video, and finally posted them on his website Cybernet News. Just click on the image, or on the link above to see every single one in all their glory.

January 24, 2007

Zach Galifianakis

This guy is hilarious. You may recognize Zach from movies like Bubble Boy, Corky Romano and Out Cold or the shows Dog Bites Man and Tom Goes to the Mayor. His stand up usually features a piano, as well as some prop comedy (pad of paper) like Demetri Martin. His website also has some funny videos that he has done. Check him out below, on Comedy Central Presents.

"You know you're an alcoholic when the bartender knows your name... and you've never been to that bar before."

"Three years ago my sister was diagnosed with multiple personalities, and there's nothing funny about that. But she phoned me the other day...and my caller ID exploded."

Pentapus Lessons

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January 22, 2007

click image to go to Tooth Paste for Dinner

Waking Ashland

"Waking Ashland combines emotional piano melodies with sonic distortion guitars, creating a unique sound among their genre" (wiki). Yep, I'm too lazy to actually write, so I'm quoting Wikipedia. I heard of this band from my Christian (xn) resource, my roommate. I'm really not sure if they are Christian, but they are were on Tooth & Nail Records. Xn or not, they are great band. On the first listen I thought they were fairly generic, but now I think they are a good piano rock band. The entire band seems to work as one unit, each instrument never overpowering the others. They seem to work well together, accentuating each other. The song Hands on Deck off their second full release Composure is one of my favorite mellow rock songs. Actually, the entire album is very solid. No song really sticks out to me too much, which makes the album a piece to be listened to as a whole. I like records like that.

Check out some of their songs on their MySpace/PureVolume pages. The song I Am For You was featured on a compilation for both sites.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention Waking Ashland is no longer on Tooth & Nail. Before their last EP (Telescopes) they switched to Immortal Records. And my roommate informs me that they are in fact Christian. They sure don't advertise it well though.

Silveretta the jets of a lifetime
Go and get her I've got her on my mind
Nothing better then feeling is so fine
Simply put I saw love stream flow

- Red Hot Chili Peppers Universally Speaking

January 21, 2007

So, it's been a really busy past few weeks. I've had a ton of homework. Looks like the blog will be slowing down. Or I'll just post more videos and write less. I just thought I would make an entry talking about all the amazingly stupid things that have happened in my life lately. Here goes.

  • My car has died 4 times now. The first two were on the same night. I had to push it off the street with Emilia driving (second time I had met her). The last one was on the main street of Ames, Nimit and Josh pushing the car through a busy intersection. The car currently resides at Butch's, and we'll see what happens tomorrow.
  • Nimit broke his key of in the front door after we got back from a trip to Des Moines. All three of us were stranded outside with close to $500 in stuff we had just bought (including my new drum monitors). It was close to zero degrees out. We had to wait in the laundry room until a 'locksmith' could come, while our stuff sat in a shed.
  • Jim didn't pay his last month of rent despite numerous reminders. So our landlord gave us a wonderful letter telling us we had 3 days to pay $300 cash or get evicted. It was paid, although I'm still wondering how close we really were to losing the apartment. Jim's check hasn't arrived yet.
  • Josh now has a total of 4 games for his new PS2, and a memory card. I've been spending way too much time playing Guitar Hero and Aggressive Inline.
  • The music room is half set up, we are just waiting for Nimit's mixer to get here. Then it will be all finished, and hopefully we can start recording.

I think that's everything except the whole Chicago trip fiasco. I don't feel like typing that all out. It was a mess.

John should be here tomorrow. I'm excited to see him again.