March 6, 2007


I was searching Google Images today, and I entered the simple search for the word "music". I got the normal types of images, but there was one that really surprised me. Now I know the picture is actually her album cover, but the question is:

Is that picture really related to music?
I'm pretty sure the songs were written for her. All Paris had to do was sing (poorly) the lyrics and then pitch-correction and other effects were added to produce the final product you hear on pop-radio. I'm also fairly certain the I could do the same thing, and with a little more work, it would sound the exact same as her album.

So tell me what you think. Is her album actually music?

March 5, 2007

Mae - The Everglow

Have you ever seen an album with an accompanying picture book? Mae has one, which is fitting since the band's name is an acronym for Multi-sensory Aesthetic Experience. The Everglow's booklet/insert is a hand-drawn cartoon story of a guy who goes on a journey. The pictures mirror the lyrics, which are also printed. For example: on the song The Ocean, the little guy is swimming across a vast body of water (makes sense). The first track welcomes the listener to the album and encourages them to follow along in the book. It may sound like story time for kinder gardeners, but since some people read along during their first listen anyway, it makes it more interesting.

Granted, the read-along cartoons are interesting, the music is where it's at. Mae's Everglow is truly an experience. It topped out at 51 on the US Billboard charts. I was forced to buy the album by a good friend before I even had a chance to listen, but I am very glad I got it. Every member of this band is good. I especially like the drummer (of course). Every song has a different beat, or multiple patterns per song. The piano player (Rob) is also amazing. Look for fast, complicated piano riffs in Painless and The Everglow. I've heard he really lets lose during live shows too, doing handstands on his key board and such.

Although the entire album rocks, one of my favorite songs is Someone Else's Arms. The singer thinks about a bad relationship, but then continues to scream "I just wanna wake up, I just wanna wake up" in the chorus only to finally say "I just wanna wake up in someone else’s arms" in the final line of the song. It sounds like the relationship is on the rocks, yet he is still lonely. On the song The Ocean he also sings of him lament for a woman. He sings "I need you here tonight/just like the ocean needs the waves".

The Everglow was re released in April 2006 as a special edition. The album contains 3 additional tracks, including a Beatles cover. Also, the cartoon booklet was recreated on a set.

Mae recorded their first three CDs on Tooth and Nail Records, but switched to Capital Records last year. They are currently working on a new album Singularity due out in June (tentatively) with a promotion tour featuring Relient K. Because of the merger of Virgin and Capitol, all dates seem to be up in the air.

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