March 11, 2007

Lot's o' homework / Sometimes I am really stupid

So I'm back now. It's been a really busy week for me. This past week I had an exam, a client meeting, two large homeworks and a project to work on. On top of all that, I have two projects to do over break, and another exam that day we get back. Seriously, who give us an exam after the break?! So after all that, I cam home to go snowboarding with my little brothers and their youth group up at Welch Village. One of the twins managed to step on a whiffle ball in gym class and is now in a splint. The other didn't want to go that much. And I was a chaperon for a bunch of kids I didn't know.

The trip was a success over all though. I got better at jumps, and worse at boxes/rails. I managed to hurt myself falling a ton of times. Remember the wrist that I hurt two months ago? I fell on it at least five times. We'll see if I go to urgent care tomorrow. As long as I can play drums/guitar, I'm okay. I also learned switch (going backwards) a little better but I still tend to favor regular.

I was doing just fine in the terrain park until my last run (more on that later). I managed to hit the box first try, but it didn't slide the same as the one in Duluth. Also the terrain park was really steep. which made it harder for new boarders like me. I also hit a few tiny jumps on another run, and a makeshift quarter pipe at the top of the mountain. I came back to the park the second day to hit the big rail at the end. It looked just like the one in the picture(right), except it just dropped off instead of curving up at the end. Oh yeah, and it was way up in the air. I got on it fine, and since it was so wide I got over first try with a 50-50. But then at the end I was worried about bailing, since I've done that a few times. What I didn't realize was how far of a drop it was. Since the park is so steep, and the landings on rails are steep to begin with, I should have known it was going to be a big drop. Still, I came over that rail thinking to my self "wow, I might pull this off", and then I saw the ten foot drop and my thoughts changed to "oh sh*t". Luckily I landed it just fine, but my heart sure was pumping.

The other rail I didn't do so well on. I have a habit of hurting my self on that "last run". I went back up, hit the box and fell because I rotated the opposite way. Then I made my way down to try the rainbow rail (left), finish with a little jump and call it a day on tricks. Of course I hurt myself. I tried to 50-50 the rail since that's all I know I can do, but I didn't think it through. This rail was round, which meant that any little movement made you slide off. I think I made it two feet before I fell. My board came out, and somehow I rotated to land flat on my chest. I got the wind knocked out of me, but that was about it until later. Now my head is killing me, and my neck feels out of whack. I just had to take that last run...