March 24, 2007

Lessons Learned

So it's been a busy busy week. I've got so much stuff going on right now, its ridiculous. But I managed to do some work done yesterday, and I had time to go out wit the guys. We had a great time at Phuel, after a very brief stop at Cy's Roost/Lost and Found. I got to talk to Greg for a while, and I now understand him better. Assuming he makes it through this semester, I think the guy has a handle on life. I thought he was just kind of floating through school, but now I think he has a better plan that a lot of people I know.

Tonight was great too (besides ending in me studying). Anay and Nimit and I went out to "The 'Bee's" for dinner. After that we decided to go check up on my roommate. This semester I've been sharing my car with my too roommates. I happen to be slightly anal about taking care of my stuff, so I check up on my car all the time. But besides leaving very little gas in the tank and not locking the doors they have taken pretty good care of my car. I try to get them to lock the doors all the time (as well as our apartment door) but they are too lazy. They figure that no one is going to steal my car, ever. I think they should have more respect for other people's things. But anyway, we decided to check up on Josh who was at a movie a block away. We found the car in the second row of the parking lot, and for fun I decided to take my spare tire out of the trunk and put it in the driver's seat. But after I got the tire out, I noticed one of the doors was unlocked. I knew it would be. So instead of just messing with Josh, Nimit and I decided to teach him a lesson. In the back seat was his backpack which we later found out contained his laptop, keys to the apartment, notebooks etc. Turns out he also had a lab notebook that is his entire grade for a class, along with a friend's notebook! That means that two people would be either failing, or retaking an entire class if that disappeared. Later, while I was winning at Texas Hold 'Em for the first time in my life, Josh called me. He was freaking out. I could tell he was about to crap his pants. I let him tell me about it, and then I told him to check the apartment to make sure he didn't leave it there. Five minutes later he called he for the Ames P.D. phone number and we decided that was far enough, and told him. He was half relieved and half angry. I heard a loud sigh over the phone followed by "You guys are f*cking dicks". We deserved that. Nimit wanted to keep the bag for 36 hours, and let him call the police!

I think he learned his lesson, and now I feel a little better about them using my car. Everyone wins.

+44 Videos

Check out Plus44 on AOL Sessions. They are pretty good, even though Travis (drums) seems to have sprained his wrist. It looks like he is using the same brace I used when I sprained mine. Either way, I think he is still playing pretty well, since he only has one hand.

The above videos are pretty good quality. But if you are lazy, here is a posting of the YouTube version. Enjoy. Or check them out at their *real* Purevolume Account.

March 23, 2007

Before this is all over, someone will get hurt.

I just hope it's not me.

I'm currently in the process of registering for my final semester here at ISU. I just found out two days ago that I only need to take 13 credits, instead of the 17 I thought I had to take. It turns out I swapped a course and forgot to take it off my list of classes to take. That said, I can't seem to get it to work. Here's what I have to take, with their credit hours:

  • EE 230 (4) - 3 hours a week + 3 hour lab
  • US Diversity Elective, must be 300 Level or greater (3)
  • Engineering Technical Elective (3)
  • Engineering Technical Elective (3)
That's it. Thirteen credits until I can get a job and start paying off my debt. Thirteen credits until my degree; until I can say that I finished. Thirteen credits stand between me and the GPA I want. There is a lot riding on these courses. So I'm trying to pick the right ones. It sounds like EE 230 is a horrendous course, so I'm doing my best to make sure the rest of them are easier. But finding a class that meets my US Diversity requirement, and is a 300+ level course, and is a course that I meet the prerequisites for, is not fun. Plus I have to keep in mind that I'm not good at presentations, and writing intensive are also not good to take during project heavy courses (my tech electives). So I've finally found WS 327. WS stands for Women's Studies. The course is Sex and Gender in Society. The problem is that I don't meet the prereqs. I didn't take Sociology 130. I'm going to ignore that until someone says something. I've heard they rarely do. I also found Com Sci 362 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. I like OOP, so hopefully I will enjoy this course. But it is project heavy (group). Group projects are good, I work well in them, but it's still a project that takes up a lot of your time. I should know, I'm currently working on 3 of them on top of my normal homework.

So who knows, I may end up not graduating due to a scheduling snafu. Not good.

March 21, 2007

I hate it when I sit down to play guitar, manage to actually write something, and then I can't even play it.

I need a band, so I can play drums instead.

Kim Peek

Kim Peek has a form of Autistic Savant Syndrome. He was pronounced mentally disabled at birth and doctors didn't think he would live past fourteen. But now Kim is 52, and a celebrity, traveling the world giving speeches. He was even the influence for the 1988 film Rain Man. Since Kim is a savant, he has an amazing ability coupled with lack of social skills. But Kim's gift is greater than most savants. Instead of being a piano virtuoso, Kim has "unlimited knowledge" combined with a photographic memory. He is literally a walking encyclopedia. I was absolutely blown away by this video.

Thanks Nimit, for the link!

March 20, 2007

Anberlin hits Top 40!

Oh it is a good time for Anberlin Fans! Since the release of their newest album Cities, I have only heard good things about Anberlin. They have truly made their best album to date, and now they are getting the recognition they deserve. I picked up my copy of Rolling Stone magazine when I returned to Ames (from spring break) and flipped to the charts only to find that Anberlin made their premier appearance on the Top 40 Albums! Coming in at #19, Cities is their highest ranking album (Never Take Friendship Personal peaked at #144).

Although I am very excited for them, I also feel a little weary of the success. I don't want my (current) favorite band to "sell-out". I've seen too many bands do this already (Jars of Clay, John Mayer, Fall Out Boy). Luckily, a few of them redeem themselves, dispite a strong pop-esque deviation from their musical roots/influences I only hope Anberlin doesn't do this. They seem to be pretty grounded, but you never know.

With all the good things I have been hearing from friends, I have read a few good reviews too. Here is what Reuters/Billboard thought of the first single:

SINGLE: GODSPEED (Tooth & Nail Records)

Now that the airwaves are rife with pop-rock bands, the stage is set for Florida's Anberlin to make a dramatic entrance with upcoming album "Cities." Single "Godspeed," as its name suggests, is a fevered, headlong rush that glories in spiraling production and exhilarating chorus. Imagine spinning in delirious circles under a vast, clear sky, reveling in the dizzying velocity. The three-guitar attack of Joseph Milligan, Nathan Strayer and Stephen Christian, who handles vocals, flings you into a whirlwind, while drummer Nathan Young and bassist Deon Rexroat pound rhythm into the ground. We don't know whether to call it post-emo or turbo-charged pop rock, but no doubt, Anberlin is in the final countdown to stardom.
I've also started reading Stephen Christian's Blog right here on Blogspot! Oh yeah, he's the singer for Anberlin. You should know that already.

March 18, 2007

I'm Back!

I'm back in Ames now, more posts hopefully in the comming week. But for now, I have a lot of studying to do... Until then, here is a youtube video.

Update: Oh yeah. The video was a suggestion by my friend John, and it's by a band called Blindside.