April 28, 2007

DRM free?!

Is DRM finaly over?! I'm so excited, even if it's just a rumor. According to my friends at Cybernet News Apple may start offering DRM free music on iTunes next month. Check out their article "Is DRM Finally on the Way Out?".

I can only hope the rumors are true.

April 23, 2007

Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix

April 22, 2007


This weekend at ISU was VEISHEA weekend. That our big spring festival celebrating the colleges. This year was the 150th year of ISU, so they did their best to make it better than past years. It was a good week, with lots of stuff going on. I of course was stuck indoors doing homework the whole week, as well as putting in almost 12 hours days this weekend. But I did make it out both friday and saturday night to hang out with a friends from out of town. The big part of VEISHEA (for me) is the bands. Excluding the battle of the bands, I think 10 different bands played, including The Alternate Routes, Story of the Year, Saliva and Mike Jones. I missed Alt Routes, but I made it to Saliva and Mike Jones. Both of them were bad. Saliva was better than I expected, but their set was shorter than it should have been. But last nights show was the worst. Mike Jones showed up 45 minutes late, with one posse member who didn't do anything. He "sang" for maybe a half an hour, and then left. Now, I understand sometimes things go wrong and you might be late, but when the show starts at 1 in the morning you should be on time! It was horrible. I think Nimit said it best when he said: " I don't ever want to hear 'Mike Jones!' ever again."