May 5, 2007

And at the end of the day,
Knowing not what it means.
Will you stand in the ashes,
building a flame for the rest of your dreams?

Would you love, could you love to be ordinary?

- Alternate Routes Oridinary

May 2, 2007

It's so true...

"A brass band composed entirely of untrained Gelada baboons would seem like Vivaldi compared to Mike Jones."

- Aaron Weiner, ISU Daily
         (Thanks Joel!)

"This is a song about girly parts."

- John Mayer about Your Body Is a Wonderland

Speaking of Mayer, his newest CD Continuum is amazing. You should go have a listen.

April 30, 2007

Singida Banner Testing

Don't mind this. I'm just testing it out. Making sure it is hosted correctly, so we can link it to other websites. Let me know if you like it though. Nimit picked the color scheme, Joel made the logo on the left, and I'm working on the banner/hosting. And yes, I know it's boring. I'm working on that.

Singida Records

So my roommate Nimit has a new endeavor. He's made his own record label, and is now shamelessly promoting it despite the fact that he doesn't really have any artists and/or music. It's called Singida Records (pronounced Sing-gee-da). They also don't have a website either yet. That's my summer project.

But I figure, since I may be on the so called label someday, I should show some support. So here are some links for the label:

Joel's MySpace
Singida on Facebook
Nimit's Purevolume
Nimit's MySpace

Send all your emails to