June 7, 2007

Things I have learned in KC, so far

  • ♫ even the smartest engineer is still stupid enough to try and iron a shirt while he is wearing it (my roommate)
  • ♫ just because all four people you go out to the bars with say they are conservative, chances are only one of them will get at you for making sense
  • ♫ townies are never as much fun to go to the bars with as people are totally out of their element
  • ♫ when driving people cannot merge. Period.
  • ♫ I'm going to make a lot of money someday
  • ♫ It takes me longer to set up a brand new computer than it does for the computer guys to get me a new one
  • ♫ Eclipse is actually kind of handy
  • ♫ do while loops aren't actually useless
  • ♫ I actually learned something at ISU that can be applied to a job
  • ♫ dorms are still horrible
  • ♫ the RA at the front desk is proably gay, and most likely has a crush on me
  • ♫ There are people who want to go to a Bloc Party concert, granted there are only 5 out of 180
  • ♫ if you don't play your songs enough, you will forget the lyrics
  • ♫ ambient music is the best thing to have at work
  • ♫ kansas city is hilly
  • ♫ running up/down hills sucks
  • ♫ microsoft outlook is very useful
  • ♫ 15 drinks in a night gives me a headache, but isn't as bad if it's beer
  • ♫ it's hard to motivate yourself to do extra stuff for yourself after work, but during work it's very easy
  • ♫ my friends don't call enough, but text more than they should
  • ♫ sharing a bathroom with two people you have never met can be interesting, and sucky
  • ♫ There is a cop in every store in KC, but very few on the roads
  • ♫ there are at least two cops in Target at closing
  • ♫ there is a spot in KC where at least 6 highways converge, maybe more
  • ♫ people who are getting their masters still do internships
  • ♫ people who are married still do internships, even at the age of 26

June 4, 2007

I may be on to something...

Why are they always running away from bad guys in the Esurance commercials? Is their company running fraudulent practices? What are they running from? Former customers?