June 18, 2007

Everything is stupider in the south

Why is the state of Texas sending me a voter registration application? I'm already registered and I've barely even been in the state (slept while driving through it). They also think my last name is Andrew. Stupid stupid stupid...

June 17, 2007

I love Comedy Central

Daniel Tosh is one funny mother *censored*!

Check him out.

Happy Father's Day

My dad used to say that inside of the car's air-bags was uncooked popcorn. When you wrecked the popcorn would pop and you would have a snack until help came.
My dad told me the worst swear word you could possibly say was "Bostonian". It meant "someone who has no private parts." My brother and I used the word until we were teenagers and my father giggled every time we said it, right before he sent us to our rooms.
Quotes from one of the greatest blogsever Post Secret

MoM on MTV

I honestly could not believe it. My friend Aaron was on MTV the other day! See, he's in a Wizard Rock band called the Ministry of Magic. I guess I should explain Wizard Rock first. Basically, it's any music based on Harry Potter. I didn't think much of it when I first heard about it from Aaron, but then I went on myspace and checked it out. There are tons of these Wizard Rock bands! I was surprised to find punk-trios, alternate rock bands, and even electronic power-pop groups. It really is an underground phenomenon. There is even a Rockumentary in the works about wizard rock.

But I was even more surprised when I saw the new video posted the Ministry of Magic's MySpace page. MTV did a piece on Wizard rock, and it included not only a picture oh their album cover, and their name in a list of top bands, but two of their songs were also played during the piece! Even within the Wizard Rock world they don't have the most plays (over 50,000 and growing), but I really think they are the best musically. I'm glad they got such great exposure.

Here's the video. You can hear a clip of Snape vs. Snape at 1:26 left and a clip of Escape From Azkaban at 1:04, right when Voldemort appears and starts breathing fire.

I'll do a review of their debut album the Triwizard LP when I get it. It just dropped yesterday, so my copy is in the mail. I've already heard most of the tracks, and I'm really excited to hear the final cut.