June 27, 2007

Wire Walking

Today a bunch of interns left work early to go to a Tucker Leadership Lab. It was crazy/cool. We did a bunch of of leadership activities (duh). One involved picking up a ball with a rope, without touching it, and put it in a bucket. The hardest part was the all but two of us were blindfolded. It got very interesting. I actually got very used to being blindfolded, and I'm usually very disoriented when I can't see.

But the best part was the Odyssey Course. Imagine walking on wires as thick as your thumb without anything to hold onto but the other seven people on your team. All while fifty feet in the air. While it is lightly raining.

The first part was really easy. It was four wires with a few vertical boards to step around. We did this two by two, each leaning against the other person for support.

I'm not even going to try to explain the second part, but just imagine eight people trying to walk across four wires while holding ropes that were attached to a pulley overhead. It took us a half an hour to move twenty feet. Needless to say, my feet were shaking, my whole body sore(not in shape), and my left foot felt I hadn't been wearing a shoe the whole time. And apparently it took us a lot longer than most groups. Luckily only two people fell, and we got them back up without losing the entire group.

The third part we kicked ass though. It was a wire, with a few ropes hanging down above it. The wire split half way down, into a giant 'V'. The rule was that when you got to the split, you had to join hands with someone, and then walk across one on each wire, holding hands. Getting to the stupid ropes was hard enough, but the V was so cool. Try it. Lock hands with someone, and then back up as far as you can without falling on your face. Now do that fifty feet in the air on an expanding wire. First try baby! Oh so cool.

I'm going to be so sore tomorrow.

June 24, 2007