August 4, 2007!

Hello everyone! I am back in the Mini, and I now have more time to blog and enjoy life. I thought I would share my new favorite music website with everyone. I actually wrote about it a while back, but the whole site have been revamped and it much better now.

Let me tell you, this site saved me from immense boredom the past few months. Where I worked MySpace, YouTube, etc. were blocked and although Purevolume wasn't, it only has what the bands post. has greater variety of music. As far as I can tell, all the music is uploaded by people as part of an online music storage system, and everyone else can stream that music to their heart's content! It even has playlist capabilities, if you sign up using an email address. I made one (see picture) of all the songs in the Guitar Hero video games. Then I can embed that playlist into my website/blog. Assuming it works, there should be a player of a random playlist below. On top of that, there is a share button next to the player, so users can copy a link to the current song. That way you can direct people to the exact song. For instance, I could send you to listen to my favorite Ben Harper song.

free music

I cannot say enough about this great website. The only problem that I've had is getting certain songs I want to listen to, and that some songs don't work. If you click a few times, every once in a while a stubborn song will play. Also, it's mostly bands that everyone has heard of, but I even found an entire Tegan and Sarah CD on there.

August 2, 2007

I'm glad to see that Josh is pulling his weight down under

I just found this funny. Here is a screenshot of my Google Analytics page. If you look closely, you will see that Josh brought in over 1.5% of my hits in the past month. Thanks for the free advertising around the globe Mr. Koo!

August 1, 2007

I-35W Bridge Collapse

I just saw on the TV that a bridge collapsed on 35W over the Mississippi River. I cannot believe it; I've driven over that bridge a bunch of times. It's crazy that I could have been there for the collapse. I'm sure John/Elyse are more freaked out, since they actually use it daily.

You can read the news websites if you want to know the details, but I didn't see a map anywhere. So I made my own. It's just down the street from the marker.

I-35W Bridge Collapse Site

July 30, 2007

Anyone want to play Jiggly-ball? Anyone catch the reference?

Maybe later we can sip Apple-tinis while calling each other girl's names.

July 29, 2007

One last night in Westport

I need to invent a phone that you have to take a breathalyser to use. If your BAC is above a certain point, the phone will not allow you to call certain people on your contacts list. For me, those people would be my parents and certain ladies. I drunk text too much when I've been drinking.

EDIT: I found one! I can only hope that this phone is real.