September 15, 2007


The first time I ever encountered Sherwood was when they played at the Mae concert last spring. They really caught my attention. I finally got their album A Different Light two weeks ago and let me tell you, I really like it. It has quickly jumped into heavy rotation, not only because they are so good, but also because their music is uplifting.

Sherwood is an Indy-rock band that has pop feel. But don't worry, I doubt these guys will sell out to bubble-gum pop anytime soon. They seem to really into their music, and even their place in the world.

"We don't pretend to be important in the grand scheme of things. But hopefully, people will connect our music to their lives, and let us be a part of them, and we will do the same for them."

Dan [guitar/vocals]

Their songs have a definite positive vibe to them, even within sadder themes. Just take a listen on their purevolume page or download one of thier songs, Song in my Head, on their profile. You'll find your self singing along in no time.

September 14, 2007's Prank War - Part 6

Wanna buy a pube?

This is just ridiculous. But I hope it works for her.

Pixel selling made one guy a million dollars in the past, but the idea there was that every time you clicked a link, YOU had a chance of winning part of his money.

September 13, 2007

Time Turned Fragile - Motion City Soundtrack

Time Turned Fragile (stupid MTV wont let me embed the video properly)

I am totally not doing my homework due to MCS videos. Here's a great one. Look for the crazy drumbeat at 1:45 left. Wow. I had no idea he could play that live.

Old friends...

I got a new chat program and when I imported all of my old MSN contacts I noticed a lot of old friends from freshman year. In fact, there was one that I didn't know who it was. After some investigation I found that it was a guy that lived on my floor freshman year. I used to hang out with him a little. In fact, I more or less "stole" two friends of his. But then everyone on the floor realized that he was kind of a fake, and a jerk and stopped hanging out with him. Three semesters in I heard he dropped out.

Now he has graduated from ISU, gotten married and had two kids. It's crazy how quick people change.

Oh the simplicity of old-shool Blink

Life just sucks, I lost the one
I'm giving up, she found someone
There's plenty more
Girls are such a drag

♫ Blink-182 Dysentery Gary

September 12, 2007

It ain't truly pop until you hear it while buying an $8 mocha...

The new iPhone/iPod Touch allows the user to view the currently playing song when they are in a Starbucks. Then the user can buy the song on the spot, if they like it. When I think back about all the songs that I have heard during my (very) few visits to a Starbucks, I wonder if they will ever implement this feature into the iPhones...
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September 11, 2007

Bright Eyes - Road to Joy

I try not to post a lot of videos. There are so many I want to post, but I don't want to flood my blog with them. Maybe I should just make another blog - "The Rhythm of YouTube". But I had to post this one. I have always loved this song, and Bright Eyes/Conor Obert's work. The interview is horrible, but the music is great. And I want to point out something. Watch while Conor smashes his guitar. You might notice that the trumpet/bugle player also smashes his instrument. I got a kick out of seeing that.

No one ever plans to sleep out in the gutter
Sometimes thats just the most comfortable place
So when you're asked to fight a war thats over nothing
Its best to join the side thats gonna win

- Conor Oberst

Sex and Rings (links)

September 10, 2007

Yep, the Music Industry has officially lost it.

It's true. Case and Point: The Ringle. Combine one part single and one part ring tone. Package it in a CD jewel case. Possibly toss in a remix and a b-side from the same artist. Sell it at Target, Walmart, Best Buy etc. How much would you pay for that? I hope you said $5.98 or $6.98, because that's the list price.

they have really lost it in my mind. But on top of that, people are eating it up! Ring tones are selling like crazy, and most of the ones I've heard (during class usually) sound like crap, even worse than the original song. I seriously think that polyphonic tones sound a ton better, and you can make them yourself. Too bad I have to hack my phone to keep from having to pay over $3 a tone.

Exploding Car!

Okay, my car didn't explode. I left my car over at Anay's (stupid) because I had been drinking. The next morning I got in my car and I noticed that there was a splattered film on the windshield and I just assumed some drunk person got mad that my car was there and poured beer on it. Then I noticed my rear-view mirror. And my dash, and my steering wheel, and my seats, and the entire ceiling! Needless to say I was upset. I found the culprit in the back seat on the floor - a Pepsi can. I had mistakenly picked it up the day before, thinking it was an iced tea and tossed it on the floor. Well, good thing I don't like Pepsi. No more pop for me. Maybe if I'm not too pissed when I clean it out, I'll take photos. Maybe.

(It was everywhere!)

It's been a while since I've posted a lyric

You were a song in my head,
The warmth of the sheets in my bed.
A story forever told, but never old,
A warm arrival never left so cold.

Don't blink, don't close your eyes,
But most of all don't apologize.
It's me who's got the demons to wrestle now

Sherwood's Song In My Head

September 9, 2007

Screw You TicketMaster!

I have a pet peeve. Finding/getting tickets for a show can be annoying. I prefer to buy tickets in advance, since I have missed a few shows because they sold out. But way too many venues only sell their tickets through TicketMaster, who hikes the cost up with fees. Is a "venue fee" really needed? The venue isn't charging me a fee, then why does TicketMaster have the right to charge me for them? And why am I charged $2.50 to print out my own ticket?! Instead I can get the tickets in the mail, but they might not get there until 48 hours before the show. It makes much more sense that I should be charged for the time/man hours/postage for them to print out the ticket and send it to me.

I just think it's ridiculous that I want to buy a ticket to the Motion City Soundtrack/Mae/Anberlin show in advance, because it's three of my favorite bands, but I have to pay almost 175% the face value! That's right, a ticket that costs $20 at the venue is now $35 simply because I want to be assured of a seat/floor space.

My other problem is finding shows. Last week I found out the day before the show that Reel Big Fish was playing in Des Moines. I was excited to go, but missed it for the same reason why I didn't post this past week. Another example: at least once a month I look at all my current favorite bands websites/MySpaces to see if they are coming to venues close by. Paramore is one of my new favorite bands, and I checked out every website with their tour dates on it. I couldn't find any shows near me. In fact most of them were out of the country. But I was checking The Myth Nightclub's website for cheaper tickets to the above show, and I saw that Paramore is playing almost a month before. I might just go, even though it's a 3.5 hour drive. How do they expect to sell tickets if no one knows about the show?