October 18, 2007

Is it illegal if it's free?

Remember how I wrote about the new Radiohead album last week? The one you could download for whatever price you wanted (aka free if you wanted)? It turns out that over a half a million people downloaded it illegally. Now, obviously it shouldn't really matter that much, but then why didn't they download it legally?

Here are some thoughts on the Daily Irrelevant.

October 17, 2007

Apple drops prices of DRM-free MP3s

(Ok, I lied. I have a little time in between classes, and instead of studying Java like I should be, I'm blogging.)

Three weeks ago Amazon announced they were offering cheaper DRM-free songs. Instead of $1.29 like iTunes, they were charging under a dollar. Well Apple took notice. They are now offering DRM-free songs for just 99 cents. The obvious explanation would be that they were trying to compete with Amazon, but yesterday an Apple spokeswoman said that this change was "not in response to competition"(Yahoo News). I don't believe it.

Also, before iTunes users could upgrade their DRM music to the DRM-free version for just 30 cents (the difference in the two prices). Rumor has it that even though the two prices are now the same, users will still be charged 30 cents to upgrade.

Well, at least Apple is finally getting with it, and offering iTunes shoppers what they want - sharable music.

Via [Cybernet News]

October 16, 2007

I'm goin' home

I hate to say it, but I wont have time to post in the next few days. I'm headed up to MN tomorrow for 2 on-site interviews. Hopefully, I can get a job offer soon, so I have one less thing to worry about. I somehow managed to finish my weekly homework in half the time, and I get to hand it in tomorrow morning! The bad part is that I have to lug my computer home so I can do the rest of the homework that just got dumped on me :(. I'm also staying the weekend, for my little brothers' birthday!

October 14, 2007


Well, I am back from Chicago. It was my first trip there since I started college. I got to see a few friends houses and families. I also got to hang out with all my old roommates in one place, which hasn't happened in over a year. The trip itself wasn't anything special, but it was great to see friends. I had a good talk with Jim during the 5 hour trip (each way). We actually didn't really even have music going for most of it. I noticed yet again that the four of us mesh well. Maybe it's partially because we've known each other for almost four years now, but I always feel very comfortable with those guys. Conversations just flow and it's like no time passes between seeing everyone.

I've decided that is one big way that I know how good of friends I am with someone. If I can see you after not talking for months and everything feels the same, that is a great thing.