November 19, 2007

I'm home! Plus Ludo's new vid

Oh yeah. I have a blog. I almost forgot!

So I'm back in the Mini for a week of turkeys and laziness. On the drive up I managed to lock my keys in my car and spent 45 minutes trying to get them out. After spending $10 on a "kit", I ended up returning the used "kit" and getting a trucker/car trader to help me break into my car. It was cold out, and not fun at all. So I am having fun at home playing Mario Galaxy with my brothers, catching up with old friends, and playing my drums (yay). Speaking of, John - call me.

Anyhoo. My friends of the band Ludo made a call out to their fans a few weeks back. They wanted teeth brushing/singing videos. Don't ask me why. I thought one of my friends was going to send in a video, but I didn't see her in the video. Also, they have a new album out soon, although I'm not sure when.

Here it is - Love Me Dead: