December 6, 2007

Oh no!

Now my PC sounds like it has PC speakers. :(

The sub woofer on my PC speakers just died! I've had those poor things for 5 years now. They have been through numerous moves and many many loud guitar sessions. Oh well, I guess it's a sign that I buy a new pair. They only cost me $20 at Sams Club, and I'm surprised they've lasted this long. Maybe I can get my dad to give me his old stacks.

December 5, 2007 updates: For the better?

I'm not happy. One of my favorite music streaming websites has "sold out". (formerly made one very large change recently. My little brother asked me what was wrong with it, so I checked it out. I searched for the first band that came to mind, Fall Out Boy, because I decided not to buy their newest album after hearing how pop it was on Deezer. My search returned all the same songs, but the majority of them were grayed out (see pic). After a little searching on google, I found that Deezer has signed a deal with SonyBMG which allows for faster streaming, but closes some songs from the public.

I think this is ridiculous, although I'm surprised that Deezer wasn't shut down. I just hope that record companies are wising up to the internet and letting people have at least some free music. I've learned about a bunch of bands through the internet, downloaded one of the their songs, and bought more because of it.


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