December 12, 2007

Google Checkout will be my end.

So I signed up for Google Checkout on a few weeks ago so I could get $10 off a flash drive. Now I'm getting emails from, and I juts haven't taken the time to stop them. I got one this morning talking about something I've wanted for a long time, one sale for $13. I usually delete the emails right away, but the title caught my eye. After reading a few reviews, and deciding that it wasn't much money anyway, I purchased the item in no less than 20 seconds!

That is a problem. Until I can make so much money that the item is payed off in the time that it takes me to buy it, I could be in trouble. It really is a good thing that I don't impulse buy a lot.

December 11, 2007

thesixtyone - a music adventure

Have you ever heard of Thesixtyone is like a Digg for music. Users are able to "bump" songs, which is like voting. The more bumps a song gets, the higher it will be on the lists or even the front page. This sounds like a great website and I hope it does well. I am currently listening to thesixtyone radio, and so far I like what the users have chosen. It even allows you to listen to songs continuously while surfing the site.

The best thing about thesixtyone is that it works on a points system. Basically this keeps the voting system from being abused. Users need a certain amount of points to bump a song (don't worry, it's not a lot) and can only bump a song once. If other people bump that song, you get more points. This encourages users to promote good songs that other people will like. If you earn enough points you can more up a level, which allows you to bump a song more than once (more features to come!).

8 cities added to Google Maps' Steet View

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Some of you might recognize this spot. I'll give you a hint, it's somewhere I enjoy hanging out. Yes that is right, "Street View" has been added to Google Maps for Minneapolis! If you are searching on Google Maps, zoom in close enough and click the street view button. Then simply place the little man (or double click on any blue lined road) and you will be able to view that road from 10 feet off the ground. It's great, and now its in my city! Props to you Google!

Yep, more videos. But look on the bright side. My semester is almost over. And think of all the time you didn't waste on my blog. Unless your name is Anay, who I'm pretty sure visits this website 5 times a day whether I post or not.

December 10, 2007