January 25, 2008

Grad emails?

I got these emails from a rep at ISU a few months ago, asking about my job status etc. to add to the ISU statistics. I was really tired of being asked about my job/salary, so I politely let her know (and that my first name was not David either). Here's what she said in response:

I’m sorry you feel that way. We use the placement information for various things that not only benefits your peers, but incoming students. If you would just answer the questions, then you wouldn’t get bombarded with emails. I am guessing with the attitude that you have, that you haven’t done the necessary things to be gainfully employed – thus the negativity. This type of attitude won’t serve you well in life.

Good luck with your future endeavors.

[her name]
Well, I was not in a good mood when I received this, so I responded.
Implying that I'm not employed (and bitter about it) is not going to make me want to hand over information. I feel that my salary etc. doesn't need to be shared with everyone. Just because you feel the need to boost ISU's scores doesn't mean that you get to be impolite about my wish to keep MY information private. That wont serve you well in life.
Was I too mean? Did anyone else receive these emails upon graduation, or am I the only one?


  1. WOAH. No. You weren't mean enough. Her response was so incredibly unprofessional. What office was she representing? The alumni office? Either way, whatever office she works for should know about that. If they ever want your (probably financial) support, they need to support you, not blame you for failing to find yourself a job. Graduating from college is hard for everyone in this culture, and finding a job after graduating is hard for everyone (except you, apparently). A huge part of a college's responsibility is to support its alumni, especially in terms of networking and finding jobs. For her to be so judgmental is horrible and damaging. If it were me I would fire off a letter to the college letting them know that representatives of the school are content to (inaccurately) judge and disrespect alumni (who happen to be earning a good amount of money). That's just ridiculous.

  2. haha send that back to ISU and her office head.

    and then add a little p.s. saying your happily employed.